Does Cholesterol Drugs Affect sex life?

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• Eat a high-fiber, low fat diet. Eating right and avoiding fatty, salty foods can increase energy levels, promoting weight loss at the same time. Higher energy levels and the feeling of doing something positive in terms of weight loss can help boost body image and libido and lead to more satisfying sex.

If you are among the one who is under cholesterol lowering drug, then this article goes for you. Whenever a drug is prescribed by a physician, the first question the patient raises is about sex. Now a days the awareness has been so high that patients are very concerned as to whether the drugs which have been prescribed will affect their sex life? This issue of link between drug interaction affecting sex lives need to be answered. The population who are under cholesterol lowering drugs are quite high and these patients are often prescribed “Statins”(Cholesterol lowering drug) to reduce their cholesterol level. The first thing is to understand what cholesterol is and how does it affect you sex life?

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